19) What can I do to prepare for film school?

The first thing you should do is get a digital video camera, some film and tell a story by making short films. The more practice you have making films, the more you will be prepared for film school.

Go to local film festivals, and get an opinion on acting, form, colors, sets and such things. Read critical reviews of movies. Write and read scripts.  Enroll in film workshop or camp.

If you are still in high school and can get involved with your high school plays or musicals this will be useful, even if you're doing lighting for them. In fact, lighting and set design might be more useful than actually acting in them. Take any courses your high school offers in art, particularly photography. This is because Film is an art as much as it is a science, and there's a lot of connection between arts like photography (perspective, angle, lighting), music (soundtrack) and film jobs.

Keep track of everything you do that relates to, or can be construed as leading you to your film career. Specifically, classes in drafting, speech, and typing can all be shown in a light that you were studying these to help you be a better film student.


Just as the old saying goes,

Just as the old saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect” – that’s exactly what anyone will advice you if asked how you should prepare yourself to join a film school! After all you are going to learn how you are going to make films and that is exactly what you must practice – making films! The subject is immaterial as long as you keep filming and the more challenging it is, the more the experience will be beneficial for you during you time in film school – so start shooting away!!
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