11) How to Apply For Film School

I typically suggest to prospective film school students to take five simple steps when applying to film school.

1) Decide on a School

After you’ve narrowed down your list to say, 10 or so, get in touch with the schools and try to find out more. Email or phone the various departments and speak with the Department Head or professors. During your conversations with these folks, ask if they can put you in touch with some current students. Also — this is important — ask them if there is a way that the program can share with you some recent student work.

2) Visit Schools

From here, visit as many of your final contenders as is possible. Sit in on classes, meet with faculty and students. Screen student work, if you can. Ask lots of questions — not just about the school, but the larger filmmaking community in the city/town. The positive impression that you make will help you as you apply.

3) Choose A Program

The first step to take is to decide which program you are most interested in taking. Students often have a desire to learn about many different areas, but usually one interest wins out.

It is important to read through the program description carefully. Some schools have very thorough summaries of their programs on their website, and others may require you to request or brochure by mail or email.

4) Choose Length of Program & Program Location

Once you know the program you are interested in, it is important to consider the program length and school location if the program is offered in more then one area that will work best for you. Typically, the longer the course, the more you will learn.

5) Apply

Most schools you can apply online or by mail. Online may charge you a fee but ensures your application get’s to where it needs to be. Applying via mail may be free but can take much longer and get lost.

I think the most important step of all, however, is to visit the school to speak with staff in person and develop a rapport with faculty, plus, get a real sense of what it is like to be a student their.

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