4) What is the REAL cost of film school?

Tuition, room and board ranges from $17,000-$55,000 per year for many of the top college credited film schools. The tuition you will pay can be found by browsing the schools website. What you wont find on the website, is the REAL cost of film school.

Extra costs from books, shooting insurance, equipment insurance, lab fees, cast and crew etc. can add up fast and can be more then tuition itself.

But, don’t let cost deter you from applying to your favorite film program. After all, you might be offered a scholarship or grant if you’re accepted. But unless you’re independently wealthy you will probably want to keep cost in the back of your mind. I believe you should not go into a lot of debt for film school, or any MFA for that matter. This is an art degree, not a law degree or med school, that we’re talking about.

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