LoveCinema: Making Movie Night an Event

Nearly 15 years ago Sean Walsh completed the 3-month Film course at the New York Film Academy.  The year was 1996 and Sean’s dreams were in the air.  Walsh still envisions changing the world through film- showing the fibers of society, and unraveling all of the problems we have.  As a Writer, Actor, Director and Producer, Sean has a grasp on the entertainment industry very few have- he is able to fit into almost any crew members shoes, tweak projects, and then get them in front of audiences.  After Sean received his Master’s Degree in Film and TV Production, he relocated to Brazil to enter its thriving production marketplace.  In May of 2002, Walsh screened his Short film, Beauty at the Cannes Film Market. Directors and Curators from several festivals picked up the film from this prestigious screening.  As the first decade of the new millennium has wound down, Sean has directed a Brazilian music video, and wrote multiple screenplays. 

Between directing and writing, Sean and his brother Brett partnered to create an inclusive online network.  Still in Beta, LoveCinema is a portal for film enthusiasts that want to share and discuss different industry topics, and grow their professional circle. Where most mass media institutions from yesterday’s supermarket tabloids to today’s blogs and widgets focus on distributing movie information to fans of film, LoveCinema invites and enables these same fans to create their own more relevant distribution channels through clubs and the interaction that happens around them.  This site is unlike Facebook or MySpace; you can pre-order tickets, celebrities do not control their business pages and profiles- you create the groups you start, and you can enter the LoveCinema hub anywhere the internet is live. 

Most recently Sean has been recognized for his documentary Hauling.  “Hauling” was shot in the recycling underworld of São Paulo, revealing the day-to-day life of a father of 27+ children, and of many extras- who make out a living by collecting and recycling the trash of the wealthy.  This family serves as a symbol of the numerous people in Brazil who resort to recycling to get by, and the discrimination they individually encounter for their honest work.  The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema honored SW by its board officially selecting “Hauling” (showcased under the Best Documentary Feature category for 2010).  Sean will premiere “Hauling” in March at the San Francisco Green Film Festival

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