NYFA Staff Quoted by MTV

New York Film Academy Assistant Director of Admissions Roger Del Pozo was recently contacted by MTV to evaluate Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” video for MTV news. Roger is an authority on the subject having auditioned thousands of actors for New York Film Academy’s Acting Conservatory, in addition to casting several film and television projects outside the academy. Last month, Roger served as the guest speaker at January’s CASTNYFA event, speaking to acting and film students about how to get the job before giving the actors an opportunity to audition for the filmmakers in the room. He is one of many professionals in the industry working on the staff at New York Film Academy. So how did Roger weigh in on Nicki’s abilities? “I think she has a great personality that comes through; very vibrant. I love her energy. I love her rapping ability. As an actress, probably not that subtle, but I don’t think that subtlety is going to be her strong point anyways.”

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