Intense, hands-on and located in New York City and Hollywood. Go if you want to start making films from day two.

Hands-on Experience


Without a doubt you will receive some of the best hands-on experience from NYFA. Producing four of your own films and working on dozens of others within your first year.

Film Industry Connections


Alumni of NYFA are hard to contact because there is no alumni directory.

Instruction & Professors


Instructors are working film industry professionals.

Equipment & Facilities


Equipment is above average while the school facilities need work.

Was it worth it? (Overall)


From the moment that you walk into the New York City location, you’ve been transported into another era. This is old Hollywood, but not old Hollywood, this is old Hollywood independent. If you’ve made it this far you will happen to be in the second incarnation of Tammany Hall and the only film school to be featured in Orson Welles brilliant Citizen Kane (well, it takes up the background of the only true exterior shot in the film).

The school, established in 1994 was based on graduate level programs that were available at New York University, University of Southern California and Columbia University. A schmorgasboard of curricula was thrown into a vat and founder Jerry Sherlock, along with then Senior Director (and current Provost) Michael Young, were able to pick and choose what they liked from each program and what Sherlock felt was necessary for an independent filmmaker to survive in this, “Industry.”

Originally only available as an eight week program in which students wrote, shot, directed and edited four short films, the program has expanded and now offers one, two, associate, bacherlor and master degree programs in a large variety of all aspects of film (and then some). One can take a film, acting, producing, screenwriting, 3d animation, editing, cinematography or musical theatre program with NYFA.

Students of the Film Academy have ranged from sons and daughters of Hollywood royalty such as Steven Spielberg or Al Pacino to Buddhist Monks and sons and daughters of actual royalty. Yet as the founder Jerry Sherlock would have you know, “Some of our best films are made by students who have no connection to the industry…”

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