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Brooks Institute has two separate film academic programs.

Film and Video Production, based in Ventura, is a study of filmmaking and production techniques, including proposals and budgeting, scripting, directing, and editing. Majors include, Feature Filmmaking, Commercial Filmmaking, Visual Effects and Animation.

Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting, based in Ventura, the new graduate program established in 2009 focuses on Hollywood standard screenwriting.

Brooks is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools[3] which offers accreditation to mostly vocational schools.


Feature Filmmaking
3D Animation



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A good friend of mine went to Brooks Institute for their film program. This is what he had to say...

I recently left Brooks after only six months. The school is only interested in your money, not your education. The school will lie, cheat, and even doctor your records to get you into the school. There is no communication between the staff and teachers, and even less with the students. The instructors run class around their time, not the scheduled times. Classes are constantly cut short so the instructor can run off to do what ever it is they do. The staff is dirty and do not care about the students, the president of brooks doesn’t even like the film program being there, he spends all the funds on the photography program. I regret going to the school and would never recommend it, not even to my worst enemies.

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