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London Film Academy - Filmmaking Foundation Weekend Review


Excellent value! Definitely worth the time and money I invested in this course. Before attending the Academy, I only had a love for film. Now that I've completed the Academy foundation course, I've emerged confident (and competent) enough to make my own, serious productions. The experience I gained was invaluable:

1. Received instruction from top-notch professionals, all of whom are actually accomplished in their respective fields. I'm not sure if I should mention names, but of the instructors; the director, the DOP, the sound man, the writer and the producer were all extremely good. They were inspiring, even. In many "media" schools, you only have instructors whose CVs can't back up the "expertise" handed down to the students. This is not the case at the LFA.

2. A "soup-to-nuts" regimen in filmmaking. Once our little script was finally set down to paper, we saw it all come together on set. After our rushes were processed, we edited them into a polished film that we're very proud of. Carrying an idea from its genesis to its celluloid end-result, was a marvelous and eye-opening experience.

3. The actors hired for our productions were very, very good indeed. No joke. They were true professionals who lent their talent to our fledgling dramas and helped us to realise how important actors really are. They are not puppets! They're important artists who breathed life into our short productions.

4. A very rare opportunity to shoot on film. There are few schools still doing this. Don't make the mistake I did by assuming that digital is the only way to go and that learning on film is quaint, but irrelevant. Film does produce something digital can't do easily and you're a better informed filmmaker if you've worked with it before.

5. The foundation course leader was awesome. She was very professional, very helpful and always looked after the students well. She's a real credit to the school.

I highly recommend the filmmaking foundation course at the LFA.


One of the few which carries on shooting and teaching in film. Good professional teaching network. Well planned in pre prod, prod, and post prod but basic financing and distribution teaching.

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