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The New York Film Academy is considered to be the largest acting and film school in the world and the best hands-on school by many of today's entertainment and film professionals. Their philosophy of "learning by doing" combined allows students to learn the fundamentals in less time then at most schools. Their proven teaching philosophy and quality of students that complete their intensive programs has earned them a strong reputation among Hollywood and independent filmmakers. NYFA's accelerated two year fine arts degree programs are structured for students who want intensive training from award winning faculty using professional facilities and equipment starting their first day of classes; better preparing them for a career in motion picture and entertainment industries. In addition to their degree programs, they offer one-year college accredit programs, evening workshops, hands-on classes and hosts to summer camps.


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Intense, hands-on and located in New York City and Hollywood. Go if you want to start making films from day two.

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nice info to share.

nice info to share.


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York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy is careful to be the major acting and film school in the planet and the unsurpassed hands-on school by lots of of today's amusement and film professionals. body armor

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Its tough to survive

Its tough to survive in this school, you ahve to be coming in with some experience and some of the undergrad theory, etc. in producing and the technical stuff too. They have great equipment and facilities also. The directing program is especially good, mixing filmmaking theory and the skills to get things done the way you want. I recommend this school.
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I am really a man of action

I am really a man of action as I don't really like to spend much time studying. This is why I think the philosophy behind NYFA is one of the best there is. "Learning by doing" is what makes you grasp the fundamentals much faster than anyone not doing it. Of course its common sense you won't get far just by doing it... you need knowledge... but this is why they are one of the best. Tom, how to find new jobs

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V Good

Its a great school and you don't need debt solutions to study there. If you want to learn how to fight for your acting career you will learn here. I had to play a piano tutorial teacher in one of the scenes which was not too difficult.

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i am already into film making

i am already into film making in Ghana. i am doing it from a pratical knowledge from a renowned director here. i want to take this proffession more seriously. i want to enroll in your programmes. how do i get to enroll?

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how do i get to enroll in your online course? i am in Ghana

i am already into film making in Ghana. i am doing it from a pratical knowledge from a renowned director here. i want to take this proffession more seriously. i want to enroll in your programmes. how do i get to enroll?

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The new york film academy is

The new york film academy is so good to attend. You will definitely benefit if you attend. The best teachers are here for film. If you can get in please attend.
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I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post
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Idiots, meet gravity.


They have linked this site to their Twitter account because it's the only site that has positive reviews of the school. Pathetic.

I think that we should indicate WHICH school we attended. I noticed that the NYFA in NYC generally receives more favorable reviews than the fecal stain that is the L.A. school on other sites. Plus, the people who attend it for long periods of time (as opposed to 6-8 weeks) notice that it's horrible, not the short-termers.

Alright, folks, here is the deal: the school in L.A. is in such pathetic condition at this point that they are shuttling students to cheap apartment buildings for class. Apparently the companies that share that building want the school to move to a different location. Nice.

If you are considering attending this place, the primary thing that you need to know is the drop out rate is horrible. Students drop out in droves because they learn eventually that the school is basically a scam. The teachers are mostly incompetent and pathetic. The administrators couldn't care less.
If you're one of the delusional people who remains there, congratulations. You're just pissing away thousands of dollars.
I've heard that they have recently tried to overhaul the management there.

Hey, as they say in Seinfeld, "good luck with all of that."

I must have had good luck.

Not sure exactly what the problem was with your experience but mine has been the complete opposite. I had heard the rumors of the other businesses wanting the school to move but that was because short term high school acting students vandalized a restroom. After that was resolved we've had very few problems at the school even though the actors are still loud at times.

I'm not positive but I'm going to guess that the person that wrote this was an actor or possibly a filmmaker? I'm a 2 year MFA Screenwriting student and our classes have (with some exceptions) all been in the same classroom in the main building and with teachers that have been outstanding. All of our instructors, and from what I can tell most other programs, REQUIRE that the teacher be working in the movie business. All of our Screenwriting instructors are out pitching ideas and stories over the course of the semester and come in with timely and helpful advice on how to make it outside the school. We've had acting classes with a few instructors, one of which was a co-founder of The Groundlings and had parts on shows ranging from Pee-Wee's Playhouse to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Also, I've NEVER heard of a student voluntarily dropping out and this is where I get into my problems with the school. It is expensive, and they are waiting right now to get their federal assistance, in this aspect it's been frustrating because a Master's schedule requires so much time. On top of this, I've never even heard of a student in our program being REMOVED until recently and that was because they broke the code of conduct we all had to sign. All this happened because of the administration stepping in and making a strong effort at improving our school.

I've had normal moans and groans with this school, but I did as well with my undergraduate institute and I would never call them a "fecal stain". I'm not attacking the original post, just trying to give my perspective on the school. I've begun hearing very positive feedback from graduates that are finding jobs after completing their programs and the reputation for the school is building.

Something that should be noted clearly is that the Los Angeles campus is still growing. My class is only the THIRD group of MFA Screenwriters so keep that in mind when picking a school. I've enjoyed it and found it to be incredibly helpful in establishing a strong foundation of knowledge for my future in the entertainment industry.

Great School!


I took the 4 week digital filmmaking course in the summer of 2006 on the campus at universal studios.
The course was great, it taught me everything I needed to know about how to run a digital camera, basic final cut use, producing and lighting which all turned out to very helpful because for the last 3 years since graduation I have been making my first feature film:
"From Hollywood to Hollywood".

My brother and I got started on this project in february 2007 and have been hard at work finishing it since then literally just getting our release on

Our DVD with 40 minutes of extended features is on Amazon too!

It was a hard and long road going from concept of a script to actually having a full feature film and now out for sale for the world to see (also a little scary!). Before NYFA, I took a 16mm film class in college, where I made my first official short film, of course we used the wrong film speed and everything came out in fast motion. I then decided to take the digital filmmaking class at NYFA where I was able to learn a lot in only 4 weeks and make even more short films, all of which built my confidence to start on a childhood dream of making my own feature. My brother and I made "From Hollywood to Hollywood" from start to finish with crew members coming on for a few weeks, but nobody actually being able to commit, we were forced to work on it ourselves, there is a lot of questioning yourself while working on your own feature that you have written, are directing, acting in, producing, lighting, you're the sound guy, caterer, editor! and the list goes on, but I am really very happy with the feature film we have, its a comedy that's not trying to change your views or the world, but was made only to entertain you!!
I really am looking forward to hearing what people think and how people will react to my first feature, my shorts are all online:
some of them are from my NYFA course.
My brother and I are also currently writing our second feature.
Well I appreciate the opportunity to write about what I've been up to, NYFA was a great experience and still continues to be, I've stayed in contact with many of my classmates and we are all there to help each other, it was a great time in my life, and has literally helped get me where I am today! Stay motivated and keep filming!

Scott Bushaw

i want to go at this school


please i want to go at this school call mee at this number 0734475905 or give me i-mail at this mail i am very good and love to make films and to be part of this.please i pay.please

this is the exact reason for

this is the exact reason for my shit experience with this school.................................

Best school I have ever gone to!


After my experience of NYFA, I saw movies like I've never had before. I had a better perspective of movies. Like the the first time I have seen a movie. It was fantastic. Since NYFA, I have continued my filming in my Mad Circle Productions that I have made a year before NYFA. I have a couple film ideas in mind. Advice I have to aspiring filmmakers is to write down any basic ideas that you have. It could be simple, too. Usually, people think their ideas have to be complex. It doesn't. If you write it down, read two or three days later you could build off of it. So, definitly write it down. My experience at NYFA was amazing. I went to the one week digital filmaking course at Orlando, Florida at Disney. I went June 28- July 4, 2009. It was wonderful. Everyone was so nice. I could talk about my favorite movies without feeling like a geek or whatever. So if there is anyone on the fence about going to NYFA, go! You will be glad you did. - Chad

P.S: all you people slamming New York Film Academy is either jealous of people who go there, or have no idea what they are talking about! Just sayin'

6 wk filmmaking workshop


I took the 6 week holiday filmmaking program Dec 2008 in L A. I think the course was ok. It would have been better if we have had more script, directing for actors, production and sound classes. And maybe more help in getting actors and locations, for example, i was the only one in my class who could get a Film LA permission, after a couple of days and just for 4 hours. LA is not an easy place to shoot for free. I liked so much the experience at Universal Studios, that´s why i love my first shooting in LA, take a look, comments are very welcome.

Awesome place to learn


Hi! My name is Daniel Kahn, and I was a graduate of NYFA's 6-week Student film&digital and Advanced HD programs in 2008 and 9, at Universal Studios. I loved the program so much! I learned so much from making my films there, and I have great material for my portfolio. My final film from 2008, "Detect This!" was accepted into the Kid's First! Film Festival, and my film from the HD class, "Able" is being submitted to festivals now. I used Able as my portfolio for college, and I've gotten into the University of Tampa (with a $7,000 scholarship), and Drexel University, and I'm waiting for USC, NYU, Syracuse, Emerson, UMiami, and UNorth Carolina at Wilmington.
I'm currently writing an unnamed feature.

For more information about me or my films, including a documentary I'm working on, you can check out my website at, or my blog at

NYFA changed my life!

This school can give people a

This school can give people a good start if they have no idea about anything in filmmaking. It will give you a good basis, and the flexible classes are really great for people who work full time to support their interest in filmmaking. It is expensive, its a private institution, so that is expected, however, there have been some successful grads, so that says somehting.
Also, the courses can be taken like boot camp, 3 years of scholing into a bunch of weeks. the sweetest part is that they get you filming right away. how often does a school force the students to take out equipement on their first week.

Do you know anything about

Do you know anything about the Directing courses that hey hold? There is apparently one for women, its a crash course and i'm just wondering if anyone knows how useful it actually is. an 8 week intensive course can probably cover a lot more than these super short directing classes don't you think? Anyways, it is pricey, you can spend like 1 grand in just one week, so I'm hoping that I can get a lot out of it.

Great Experience...


Most people find it extremely difficult to believe that in 8 weeks someone can write a feature length screenplay, well, when you take an 8 week screenwriting course at NYFA, you better believe it. My instructor and my class were nothing short of inspirational and encouraging towards the development of my craft. It was an experience that will always be close to me. Upon graduating, I had my screenplay reviewed by several individuals inside and outside of the industry and decided to enter it into a handful of competitions. It is currently going through first round judging. I've also taken what I learned at NYFA and put it towards the beginning of a new feature I'm writing. My one single advice to anyone that is thinking about becoming a screenwriter, or anything for that matter, is that no matter how much talent you may have, if you lack the discipline, you will never achieve your goal. Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability - and with that, thank you NYFA for instilling in me a discipline that over 8 weeks allowed me to see within myself, that if I keep working on my craft, my talent will shine through.

NYFA is a great school,

NYFA is a great school, everyone is just pissed cause its so expensive, but that's what a private education is worth. No one forced you to go to an expensive for profit school. You could have gone to a public education school for a fraction of the price. THat being said, NYFA was a great life choice for me. sure the school has some flaws, but so do all schools. There are some politics, etc, but if you are able to focus on your goals and why you came to the school, you can ignore all that stuff and learn what they are trying to teach their students; the art of storytelling, and how to manipulate a 16mm film. So many of us have experience working with digital but nothing compares to being able to learn from an actual physical film.

Super-expensive and spotty


Way too expensive, especially for its chaotic, bumpy programs that have some great teachers and some really awful poseurs. Lately attracts foreign students (with strong euros, RMBs, riyals and yen) who hope to become filmmakers and are able to afford the super-high tuition and cost of living in N.Y. There are no admission requirements beyond high school graduation, so if you can afford it, you will get in and you CAN learn to make films here. But it's a bit of a crap shoot--you have to get lucky with who's teaching you.

getting into acting

I was curious, I am researching schools for acting and its quite a daunting task. I was curious if there are ANY schools I can utilize the GI bill from the military. Any and all information would be helpful as I love the performing arts and would love nothing more then to break into the industry. Thank you in advance!!!

Screenwriting Questions

I am an aspiring screenwriter and writer, and I would like to know what the typical day is like for a One-Year Screenwriting student.

Thank you

Screenwriting Questions!

Hi Alex! All programs vary in hours and daily schedules! Please give the admissions office a call and speak with a counselor to get the best information! Thanks

this review is directed to


this review is directed to those who intend to do... 1 year filmmaking. and MFA filmmaking (1st year) IN NYC ONLY. I do not know anything from other departments and areas( LA, dubai), have hear critics, but since i didnt experience it, i have no rights to make comments.

I was supposed to do the MFA in film. left after one year unsatisfied, restarted my masters at a better known film school (it seems the credits from nyfa are untransferable, unless the 2 schools have an agreement). what i will say is simple. yes, it's has good equipments, thumbs up for that. but what about the post production side? there is no sound stage, no props room. nothing else other than shooting equipments.. not even a recording studio/ mixing studio. oh and i will need mention this, if you need to do voice recording, yes they have a "Studio", a mac computer with a microphone in a small bathroom ( with a toilet seat and sink like those in your houses) . Not kidding. 4th floor, Stone room, private bathroom. I had to spend half a thousand to have my thesis's sound recorded at a professional studio

teachers are average. they are not considered working in the industry, more like "trying to break into the industry", while earning teaching money to feed themselves and pay off those huge school loans they have. In my current school i am attending now for my master, yes, those are professionals industry standard... in fact ex professional (old men rich with tons of years experiences, and now retired... teaching their remaining years off).

the school does open admission. In a way, it's good, everyone has a chance to come to nyfa and learn filmmaking as long as they can afford it. however, it can be something really frustrating. Class attendance is very poor, there is no grades and alot of the students are simply not interested. As long as you are paying, your name stays registered. good people quits because they couldn't stand the system. lazy ones remain because they have no where else to go. there was this mexican girl who "studies" in nyfa spiritually, but lives in mexico physically In film school, teachers are 25% important, but your class mates are 75% even more crucial to you, because they are the one that will be your crew and make your film possible. Among these annoying kids, thankfully there were a couple of passionate and hardworking ones who remain my close friends till today.

for those planning to do the masters at nyfa, i will say, attend only if you cant get into any other better known film school. personally i regretted it. the 34k is really expensive, tuition fee is comparable to the top film schools. but nyfa in fact is NOT well known in the industry. i wont be harsh on my former school. but do not fall easily into the outrageous marketing strategies they are using.

for those doing short program, well i say it's worth it. do the short programs (couple of weeks to a month long) and see if you are good at it. I have known a number of people who attended nyfa's summer programs, realize their talent for film and went on to study film degrees at USC, and winning tons of awards.

hope this will help. all the best

what school did or do you

what school did or do you attend now?


I am currently a college student who aspires a career in the film industry. I have an oral presentation on my degree choice and I would really appreciate it if you answered the questions that I have.
1. What does it take to become a successful film maker?
2. What type of educational background is needed?
3. What are some of the goals of a film maker?
4. How many years does it take to become a film maker?

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi Patrice! I am going to do

Hi Patrice!

I am going to do my best to answer your questions!
1. Success in any industry is hard to measure. Success depends on what YOU believe is successful!
2. For our Conservatory Programs you need to only have a High School Diploma!
3. Goals range anywhere from getting a short film into a festival to being as big as a well known director!
4. It depends on what course you take and where you get your training!!

Hope this helps!

Semester enquiry.

I am interested in joining NYFA for a one year in filmmaking...How many semesters does NYFA have in a year? Thanx. Hope to get a feed back. Thanks.

There are 2 semester per

There are 2 semester per year!

NYFA looks great to me


I live in Pakistan and I'm a B.S (HONS) Media Sciences student at the moment. I'm planning to go to NYFA for the Masters..................

What month are you planning

What month are you planning on attending?

Financial Aid

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