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Universal Studios sprawls over 390 acres of offices, alleys, interior sound stages and outside movie sets.

Arrangements have been made with Universal Studios to shoot our in-class production exercises on their prestigious and widely-used backlot, a landscape literally made up of the neighborhoods of the world. Driving around the lot, one alternately happens across a dusty Mexican villa, an imposing Roman square, a New York alley straight from the 1930s and a street whose saloons and wooden sidewalks harken back to the Wild West. Nearby, one passes multiple lakes, an old New England street, and a Renaissance courtyard. New York Film Academy students will have the opportunity to direct on these same sets for their in-class exercises.

Considered to be the best hands-on film school in the world, the New York Film Academy (NYFA) is designed for a new generation of artists. Like no other film school, NYFA students write, shoot, direct, produce and edit their own short or feature length films starting from their first day of classes during intensive short-term workshops and accelerated one and two-year degree programs.

Each student receives a hands-on and comprehensive education that includes regular lectures, on-going productions, practical experiences, collaborations with other departments, mentorship with working professionals, and insight from industry guest speakers.

Unlike university and college programs where most of the time is spent in the classroom and lectures each day at NYFA is filled with classroom instruction, hands-on workshops and film production. This is why an NYFA education is perfect for students who want to start making films before starting their careers in the entertainment industry.


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