I write this with great concern for those whom may be considering attending the aFilm International Workskops program, Digital Feature Film "Master" program. It is a con and should be illegal. A complete waste of time and money and everything is completely dishonest. You will be given the vaguest possible answers at all times to any questions you may have, until they have your money and you're on the course. Example: Q: Is this a Master course? A: Well, Master is used so widely in Spain, so in that respect it is a Master, in that it is educational and not the introduction course.

I can see that nobody has spoken to any of the former Digital Feature Film "master" Program students. This does not surprise me, as none of them want to be reminded of the terrible, unprofessional experience they endured throughout the program. They were sold the course on the basis that it was a Master course, little did they know it was not, and aFilm had been falsely advertizing it as so (which they are still doing at www.afilm.es). They were also never told that 2009/2010 was the first year that they were doing the "master" course, which is a cheap way to get people to come into the course.

It is said by former course members that aFilm's Yolanda Torres and Juan Antonio Fernandez showed no professional experience or attitude whatsoever, and were unable to solve any problems that arose. It is reported that on-set experience during the shoot with Juan Antonio Fernandez was unprofessional, rude, and nothing like he seems in the 4-day workshops, as he work terribly under pressure. This surprised everyone, as everyone was expecting an example to be given by the DOP with 20yrs experience. He is merely a technician, not a DOP. He failed to show any creativity, innovation and continues to boast with Yolanda that he worked with Panavision Hollywood. From what has been said about the experience at aFilm for eight months, Juan Antonio Fernandez showed less than average abilities with a camera and very bad, inconsistent, incoherant lighting abilities.

I hope that nobody joins these people in the future. It is a complete waste of money. Everything you see is just for show. They don't even have an office, they used an apartment and made it look L.A professional. Don't let the minimalist style fool you, it's not intentional, they really have nothing to offer. It is no wonder the course members had such a hard time producing the film, aFilm has a bad reputation in Sitges, nobody wants to help or work with them as they are so dishonest about everything and never answer questions properly.

Furthermore, if you have been in email correspondence with someone called Rosa, she doesn't exist. She was created to make aFilm look more organised and bigger than it is. The person who writes email in the name of Rosa, in fact, Yolanda Torres, who has no experience in film at all. Take a look for yourself http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0868857/ . Yet she boasts to have worked with some of the best Spanish and American directors for so many years, well then why is she in Sitges doing some pathetic film school scam? She also claimed she went to film school with Darren Aronovsky, then what happened to her? Clearly she was just not good enough to break into the industry, so she went, and continues to go solo - guerilla style and claims it to be how they do things in "the industry".

Also, aFilm is not accredited by any of the education boards of Spain. Therefore wrong of them to call themselves a "school" and anything they do a "course". It is not a film school, just two people who have no other way of making money, teaching "students" who don't know any better about filmmaking.

Just one more thing. The Digital Feature Film program is taught purely from Michael Wiese's Directing: Shot by Shot book. Everything they did and taught on the course was out of that one book. Don't spend 7000 Euros on this book, here it is for just 10 Euros:http://www.amazon.co...80151264&sr=8-1

Don't do it, please. 


Hello, My name is Juanjo Hidalgo, I'll begin by stating my name, as though I think everyone has a right to their opinion and no one has the absolute truth, when someone writes using a pseudonym, o directly inventing a name, it doesn't give me much confidence. This is because I studied in the "Digital Feature Film Program” at afilm and I can assure that there was no student by the name of Adam West.

For me a school is a tool, which, the more need to know, interest and attention you have, the more you will get out of it. It's like having the latest model computer, it can have a great processor, graphics card, etc.. but if you only want to look at internet and use "Word", then I am probably not getting as much as I can out of it. In this sense a school is the same, I think that you have to have a predisposition to acquire knowledge, purpose ideas, resolve all your doubts and all of this, so that at the end, you can have the maximum knowledge possible, to help you tell stories.

I have never understood the interest that a school may have in having great names as professors, or having people who have an infinite number of films in IMDB, what interests me, is that it has great educators. How many times have we found great professional, who are incapable of transmitting, of provoking curiosity in a style, a format, and especially in helping you reach your objectives? In this case I think that afilm has professors and professionals with long experience in all areas, who above all provoke a desire to do things, they help you to learn how, where, whom and create an atmosphere very similar to what you might find at a production company, how to work, how to acquire, how to react, who is the indicated person, etc...

Why lie, if everything can be proven, with receipts, university degrees and even the films themselves, lying has no escape, but of course, it is much easier to say others have failed, than to take responsibility for one's own mistakes. I think that in this profession, or when you are a student in this field, you have to be more humble, a harder worker and leave your ego to one side, and try to work for the common good, especially when a professional (professor) is giving you advice, which is not the same as an obligation.

I only wanted to comment on my experience at the school, which I see is totally the opposite from Adam's (or whatever his real name is), I feel a great respect for all the professors I had, and even today, I still seek them out, so they can help me with projects that no longer have anything to do with afilm. Another one of the things I like about afilm, the relationship does not end when the course ends.


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